Treasure Hunters in Trouble

Lire ebook Treasure Hunters in Trouble
Auteur: Winter Morgan

Treasure Hunters in Trouble
    S teve was tending to his wheat farm when he heard his dog, Rufus, barking in the distance. He looked up to see two people approaching.
    â€œWho are you?” Steve asked as he walked up to them. Rufus stood by his side, as his ocelots, Snuggles and Jasmine, sat by the entrance of his home.
    At first the two people didn’t say anything to Steve. They just looked at the house and talked to each other.
    â€œAre you Steve?” the woman asked.
    â€œYes. Who are you?”
    â€œOh good, we found the right place. We weren’t certain we would. It’s been a crazy trip here,” the woman sighed.
    â€œYou haven’t told me who you are.” Steve was getting annoyed.
    â€œI’m sorry. I’m Alex and this is Will, but that’s not important. I’m here to tell you that your friends are in trouble,” Alex told him. She was a blonde woman wearing a green shirt.
    â€œWhat? Who? How?” Steve blurted out, because this news bothered him greatly.
    â€œI met your friend Kyra. She was trying to help her friends, who were trapped by a griefer. He had them trapped in a desert temple, but she was able to escape,” said Alex.
    â€œAre they okay? Where were you?”
    â€œWe met Kyra in the desert. We were starving and she gave us food. Kyra asked us to find you in return for the food. She didn’t want to leave her friends, Henry, Max, and Lucy, but she needed your help,” explained Will, who wore a red helmet.
    Steve paused; he wondered if Alex and Will were telling the truth. They could be the griefers who had trapped his friends and were now here to steal from him.
    â€œYou traveled all the way from the desert to relay Kyra’s message? That seems like a huge favor to ask of somebody.”
    Alex looked down as though she were embarrassed when she told Steve, “Kyra also promised to share some of the treasure with us.”
    â€œThat makes sense,” Steve reasoned.
    â€œThe temple is full of treasure,” added Will.
    â€œI’m worried about Kyra. I don’t care about the treasure.” Steve was upset.
    â€œShe has a tough job, but at least she can see hostile mobs more easily in the desert, because it’s flat,” explained Alex.
    Steve knew that was true, and he also knew Kyra was smart and would be able to challenge the griefers, but she was only one person. Even if she saw all the hostile mobs that were about to attack her, it didn’t mean she’d win. He had to help her! Steve went into his house and put on armor. He opened a chest and took out his diamond sword. He was ready to help Kyra save Henry, Max, and Lucy. He checked through his inventory to see if he had all the supplies he needed; the journey to the desert biome was a long and dangerous trip.
    Alex and Will were in his living room, waiting for Steve, eating apples to increase their food bars.
    â€œDo you have a map?” asked Steve.
    â€œYou don’t need a

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