The Ex Games 2

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The Ex Games 2
Chapter 1

    My hands gripped the table as Priscilla left the room. I stared at her retreating back with hate. I knew she was going to be a bitch as soon as I had seen her and now, now I knew I had been right. Her words kept spinning in my head, fiancée, fiancée, fiancée. Brandon had a fiancée? I wanted to slap myself for being so stupid, so young and naïve still. I couldn’t believe I had actually believed he had been referencing me when he talked about not living alone for much longer. I wanted to laugh and to cry at the same time. Idiot! I was an idiot. And all I wanted to do was run out of the building and never come back.
    I knew as soon as he reentered the room , because the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention and my body froze as if sensing some impending attack. He slid into the seat next to me and I felt his hand on my shoulder.
    “Don’t touch me.” I glared at him.
    “That’s a first.” He raised an eyebrow at me, mocking me with his gaze.
    “You have a fiancée.” I tried to sound calm and not as if I was about to lose it.
    “And that’s a fact?”
    “According to Priscilla, it is.” I studied his face hoping to God that she had been wrong.
    “What did I tell you about listening to other people?” He sat back and gazed into my eyes , and I couldn’t stop myself from searching for the answers in the bottomless blue ocean that was his soul. “Remember, Katie. What did I tell you the last time someone told you something about me?” His tone was soothing and for a moment it as if he were my Brandon again, the man I loved, and more importantly the man who loved me. As I stared into his eyes, I remembered the day he had told me to not listen to other people.

    “What’s wrong, poppet?” Brandon stared at me curled up on the couch, crying, and walked over to me quickly.
    “Nothing,” I gulped, blowing my nose on my sleeve. I looked up through wet eyelashes and tried to smile. “Are those for me?”
    “Yes,” he nodded as he frowned. “A guy was selling roses on the street so I got you some. I’m sorry I’m home a bit late tonight, work has been crazy.”
    “It’s okay.” I turned my face away from his as tears threatened to fall again.
    “Katie, my love. What’s wrong?” He sat on the couch and pulled my face towards him. “And don’t tell me nothing, I can see from your tears that you’ve been crying.”
    “Are you cheating on me?” I whispered, barely able to get the words out.
    “What?” He had an incredulous look on his face and I stared into his eyes to see if he looked guilty.
    “Are you seeing another woman?” I bit my lower lip and played with the bottom of my shirt.
    “What are you talking about, Katie?” He shook his head. “Where is this coming from?”
    “I got a phone call.” I sobbed now, unable to hold it in. “Some lady told me that you were going to be late home tonight because you were going to be fucking her.”
    “What?” He looked at me in confusion and

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