Test of Time

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Test of Time
"There's one thing I'm good at…"
    Garrett reached for a towel as he murmured, "And I'd better concentrate on doing it well."
    Katy closed her eyes, enjoying a deep, sensual pleasure that was still new to her as he caressed her slowly, drying her with the towel. He used the terry cloth to tease her nipples, then leaned down and kissed each with great care.
    "Do you like that, Katy?" he whispered.
    "Everything you do feels right," she replied, her voice husky with desire. Katy could hardly stand. She wrapped her arms around him. "Hold me," she pleaded.
    "I'll hold you, Katy," he said gently as he carried her to the bedroom. "I'll hold you so tight and so close that you'll never want to leave."
    Jayne Ann Krentz was inspired to write Test of Time by her long-standing love of horses. When she was twelve, a rodeo-circuit cowboy regularly let her ride his horse, Rusty. Like Red Dazzle in Test of Time , Rusty was a usually placid, slow-moving quarter horse, but in a rodeo he was explosive, a glorious performer with all the speed and style imaginable. The story of Katy and Garrett also attracted Jayne because she wanted to portray "a postwedding courtship."
    A very successful and popular author, Jayne lives in Seattle with her husband and their bird, Ferd.
    Books by Jayne Ann Krentz
    Published November 1987 
    ISBN 0-373-25277-3
    Copyright © 1987 by Jayne Ann Krentz.
    Chapter One

    The bride took another shaky sip of champagne and wondered for the thousandth time that day if she was making the biggest mistake of her life.
    Katy Randall Coltrane tightened her grip around the glass in her hand in an effort to still the trembling fingers. If she wasn't careful she was going to spill the expensive champagne all over her beautiful gown. That would definitely be a shame, considering the time she had spent selecting the lovely confection of satin and silk.
    Bridal jitters , she told herself forcefully. That's all this stupid anxiety amounted to—a bad case of bridal jitters. Surely all brides suffered from such assaults on the nerves. If wedding day jitters weren't a common problem, a label wouldn't have been coined to describe them. Everything was all right. Nothing had changed. There was no reason to develop a frightening sense of doubt at this late stage. All along she had been telling herself she knew what she was doing and that what she was doing was the right thing.
    Everything would work out. After all, she was head over heels in love with the man who had just taken his vows alongside her. Furthermore, she was twenty-eight years old. Old enough to know what she was doing.
    Of course, it hadn't helped her morale any to accidentally eavesdrop on that conversation taking place out in the hotel gardens a few minutes earlier. Served her right for not asking directions to the rest rooms, Katy told herself. If she had, she would

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