Fix You

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Auteur: Mari Carr

Fix You
    Laura lifted the wine bottle and looked at Zoey. “You want another glass of Pinot Grigio or do you want to try the red?”
    Zoey Emerson tried to decide if the hangover she was going to suffer tomorrow morning was a foregone conclusion or if the potential headache was still salvageable. “Screw it. Let me try the red.”
    Mixing flavors probably wasn’t the smartest thing, but Zoey was feeling a bit sorry for herself. Robbie had called to say the band’s manager had booked an extra show in their tour, so her original plans for New Year’s Eve were shot to hell.
    Luckily, plan B had commenced so she wasn’t alone. Glancing around the room, she had to admit that—in some ways—plan B rocked. She was sitting in Laura’s living room surrounded by the five women who’d become her lifeline in the past year. They all lived in connected townhouses that spanned one of the city blocks in their small town of Harrisburg. In the center of the square was a common grassy yard where they had met at the beginning of last spring when they’d come out to soak up the first bit of warmth after a long winter. Conversations started and soon a couple of bottles of wine appeared. After that, they met every Thursday afternoon for what Kristen dubbed the weekend pre-game happy hour.
    This particular Thursday also happened to be New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, the holiday hadn’t caused a ripple in their traditional wine night. All of them were sitting together and drinking wine with no plans for the evening. Zoey found the idea depressing.
    “What are we doing here?” She hadn’t meant to say the words aloud, but she couldn’t hold back her frustration.
    “Drinking wine?” Shelly asked, clearly not catching her drift.
    “No,” Zoey said. “I mean here . Tonight. It’s freaking New Year’s Eve. We’re six attractive, intelligent women. Why the hell are we sitting in this townhouse instead of getting out there on the town, meeting people, having fun?”
    Laura scowled. “By people you mean men. No thanks. Been there, done that. I prefer my quiet evenings here with you ladies rather than subjecting myself to the meat market where I’ll have to make conversation with a bunch of jackasses.”
    “Laura,” Kristen said. “You married your high school sweetheart. It’s not exactly like you’ve given the jackasses a fair chance.”
    Laura adjusted her glasses and grinned. “I wish I’d given a few more of them a second look when I was younger. Instead I gave one man over twenty years of my life and look what it got me. An empty nest with a grumpy husband.”
    Zoey could understand Laura’s disappointment. She and her husband had built a life together, but they’d made the mistake of using their children as the glue. When the kids left, the marriage crumbled.
    “So why not go out and test drive a few models now?” Georgie asked.
    Laura sighed. “I’m not exactly young. And I just don’t have the energy.” Laura’s gaze drifted to

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