Falling Into You

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Auteur: Lauren Abrams

Falling Into You
Chapter 1
    I hate parties. I hate the tinkling laughter and the awkward conversations about the weather and the empty compliments and the watery punch-like substances and the way my mouth feels rough and dry in the morning. I even hate beer pong. And yet, I seem to spend half of my waking hours getting ready for one party or another. I really need to work on building a stockpile of excuses to get myself out of these things .
    “Hallie, you do know that you’re supposed to wait until after the party to shed your clothing, correct?” S ophia’s standing in the doorway and shaking her head at the sprawling pieces of clothing covering her guest room. I throw a pillow at her.
    “I have nothing to wear,” I moan . Sophia , as always, is beautiful in a short black dress that matches her hair . It dips low in the front and the back, revealing perfect, olive-colored skin. I groan .
    “That’s what I’ve been telling you for months. I’ve been trying to take you shopping ever since the first day of school, but you’re always telling me that clothes aren’t importa nt.”
    She raises her eyebrows. “‘ It’s the person inside, Sophia.’” She imitates my voice and I look around for another pillow when she raises her hands to defend herself, laughing at me. “Seriously. Wear whatever. It doesn’t matter anyways.”
    “Of course you would say that.” I throw my arms up. “Everything I own is hideous.”
    She doesn’ t argue . “ Just hide out for the first hour,” she suggests instead, perching on the end of the bed after tossing aside a brown shirt with a look of disgust. “ By that time, everyone will be drunk. Really. ”
    “How many people are we talking about here?” On the plane to New York, she mentioned a “little soiree.” However, t he dozens of bottles of every kind of booze imaginable that were delivered earlier that afternoon are making me suspicious.
    “I don’t know. A hundred? More? ”
    “ Hallie!” She’s grinning at me. “ It doesn’t matter whether it’s ten people or a hundred or a thousand. The parties are all the same. Let me break it down for you.”
    She rolls her eyes and plays with her fingernails. “ Someone will bring a guitar and they’ll want to play really bad versions of something that sounds vaguely like Bob Marley . T hank God, that will get shot down as soon as the party really gets started. Stoners will be on the balcony, so unless you want a contact high, stay away from there. The socialites will linger in the bathrooms with their party favors until they decide that they want to dance. The drunks will get loud and the noise complaints from the pesky neighbors will continue until everyone is passed out on the couches. ”
    She ticks each group off, one by one. “Most importantly, e veryone who isn’t in one of those groups, or the people who fall somewhere in between, will find someone to hook up with , ” she continues, winking at me .
    “Let me guess.

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