Drawn to You — Volume Two

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Auteur: Vanessa Booke

Drawn to You — Volume Two
    The thought filters through me as I climb the staircase with Emily in my arms. She shivers as we pass through the desolate hallway that leads to the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. Emily’s bright eyes watch me as I sit her down on the edge of the giant sunken bathtub. The bottom of Emily’s nightie is stained red with blotches of blood. The sight of it gives me both pleasure and causes me pain. I turn to the bathtub and flip the faucet on letting the water rise to a tolerable temperature. Emily sits silently staring at me with a confused look on her face. I reach over and begin to pull up her nightie, but the bright flame that stains her cheeks stops me.
    “A bath will help with any discomfort you might feel,” I say, pushing back a stray strand of blonde from her face. “I’m going to go look for some aspirin while you get in. Just be careful. It might be too hot at first.”
    “Okay,” she mumbles.
    “I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere.”
    I disappear down the stairs and into the kitchen, grateful that Nicholas hasn’t woken up. I tear through the pantry in search of aspirin. I slip the bottle into my pocket and head back to my room to dress. It isn’t until I’m halfway to my bed that I realize the sub I was playing with earlier is still in my room.
    The young blonde’s breathless voice calls out to me from the edge of my mattress as her hands are crossed and bound above her head. She tugs on the restraints to loosen them but they only squeeze tighter. A worried look crosses her face as I enter the room still reeling from what took place on the stairs. She tilts her head to get a better look at me, but I avoid her questioning gaze. I can’t stand to look at her. Even worse is the fact I can’t erase the image of Emily’s startled face when she caught me with the sub.
    “Is everything all right?” she asks hesitantly.
    Fuck no . The smell of Emily on my skin guts me as I spot the wet marks on the sheets from my time with the sub. I untie her restraints and hand her the mini skirt she came in. She slowly slides off the bed pulling the sheet off my bed with her. I’m going to burn these sheets. I don’t want any memory of tonight including the blonde in my bed. She kneels at my feet never taking her eyes off her knees. In the short amount of time together, she’s learned me well.
    “Master, did I do something to anger you?”
    “You need to go.”
    “But we were just getting started…”
    “I don’t give a shit. You need to leave.”
    I watch her with irritation as she looks at me with a look of betrayal. I probably won’t hear the end of it from everyone at the Pleasure Chest. They don’t take kindly to those who screw over other members. I watch the blonde slip on the rest of her clothes and then scurry out of my room. I don’t bother asking to call a cab for her. I know I’m a dick, but I don’t care. I’m grateful when her pouty lips are out of my

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