Bad Blood

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Auteur: Amity Cross

Bad Blood

    The sun rose through the orange sky, burning with all the things that lay before us.
    X drove for hours, with me in the passenger seat, without saying a word about where we were going. We left the city behind in its chaos, the streets dripping with the promise of blood and secrets laid bare… We left it all deep in the urban sprawl and ventured out into the countryside.
    Our plan was...we had no plan. We would figure that out once we had a place to rest and regroup. Then and only then, would we plan murder. Not only murder, revenge .
    It was a long time coming.
    X stopped once to fill up the emptying tank of his muscle car, ordering me to stay put while he kept his head low and darted inside to pay with cash. I was already on the run, but this time was different. My identity, which I’d worked so hard to conceal, was common knowledge. Or at least, it was about to be.
    X had left Weiss tied up in the middle of the forest only hours ago and still very much alive. I’d never had anything to fear from my ex-boss of twelve hours, but now I had every reason to flee. He knew my real name, he knew what I’d done…Weiss had been X’s handler and was rotten through and through. He’d never been my friend.
    He’d never been X’s, either.
    X had rebelled and for his trouble, Weiss had dragged him out into the middle of nowhere and planned to put a bullet in his head. X had fought back and left his handler tied up in his place, sans bullet. X said he knew things about his past, things that would tell him where he’d come from before. Leaving Weiss alive was important.
    I wasn’t sure what that meant for me, but I trusted X… I had to trust him. It was more than the feelings he stirred up inside my body. He drove me mad in an animalistic sexual way, but it was more…deeper in my heart. Whatever, or whoever Xavier Blood was…there were parts of him that were snaking into my soul and clawing deep. That was something I couldn’t turn away from.
    X slid back into the car, slamming the door closed and breaking my train of thought.
    “Are you okay?” he asked, glancing at me.
    A few hours ago, that question would’ve been left field for a guy like X. Now, it was something that would happen more and more as he came back to himself.
    I shifted in the passenger seat of the car, wrapping my fingers around the seatbelt across my chest. ”Do you think he got away?”
    X narrowed his eyes, gunned the engine and put the car into gear. “Weiss is a coward. There’s a good chance he’s still there.” He snorted and pulled the car out of the service station. “I can’t see him gathering the courage to dislocate his shoulder. There was a reason he was behind a desk.”
    “But…” He’d killed those Necromancers that had attempted to take me without a second thought. He’d tried to kill X once he realized he’d switched allegiances...
    “He was my handler for eight years, Mercy.” His hands

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